Our Story

Ever since meeting in Freshers Week in 1999 at Cardiff Medical School, Rich and Ness found they always had alot in common. At that time is was mainly that they were older than most people on their course, having both taken the long way round into higher education. Ness training as a secretary and working in industry for a number of years, and Rich working for Lloyds Bank.  In their early 20s they both went back to school and and entered higher education as mature students!  They were classed us as mature, which is not a fair representation, as anyone who studied with us will testify too. The plan was the day of qualification, Ness was returning to her native South Africa to work with her Aunt as a equine physiotherapist, and Richard was going to go travelling.  However over a number of extended coffee breaks while revising for exams, volunteering to cover rugby games together for Cardiff High School Old Boys rugby club, and some nights out in the Cardiff Med Club (the medics very own night club).  Three days before Rich was due to leave forever, the friendship developed….20 years later, 1 flat, 3 houses, 2 children, 3 dogs, 3 cats, briefiely 4 robohamsters (cats saw to that!) , 3 Physiotherapy Clinics, we are still here, and looking for our next adventure.

We have always had a joint belief that being a Chartered Physiotherapist is a very privileged position to be in.  You, our patients, entrust us with you bodies and very often alot of your mind


The only exercises that work are the ones that get done. If you’re trying to achieve a personal best in a marathon or recovering and rehabilitating from knee surgery, if you don’t prepare your body you won’t reach your goal.

This is why Physio In A Box has been developed. Physio In A Box aims to make it as easy to achieve your physical goals, to enable you to become the best version of you, you can be.

In 2004 Richard and Vanessa, started the first of their Physiotherapy Clinics. When treating patients in their busy clinics, they found that very often the biggest barriers to overcoming injury was a lack of understanding. Understanding the mechanics of the injury and understanding how the treatment interventions will affect the injury and aid its resolution. With this Understanding, Richard and Vanessa found that when their patients executed specially developed home treatment plans, in the majority of cases their symptoms resolved and they were able to return to full fitness.

Simple treatment procedures the most potent treatments were quite simple to administer and execute in the home setting use a combination of hands on manual techniques and progressive exercise interventions to help their patients recovery from musculoskeletal injuries such as shoulder and low back pain. they found that very often these techniques could be communicated to patients in their homes by using video. they proved to be so succesfull that they have developed Physio In A Box to allow you to access their expertise so that you can recover from injury and become the best version of you, you can be.